Professional Glass Kilns

Electric kilns for Glass decoration, fusion and melting.
use: professional use

  • STRUCTURE: Airy steely structure, epoxy painted – long lasting
  • BASAMENT : provided with wheels, in order to ease movements
  • OPENING: shell type opening with a lifting mechanism by pressure springs

multi-layer coating by pre-formed biosoluble fiber modules
that is “High Temperature Insulating Materials” (no RCF) with the
same thermic coefficient as the ceramic fibres but no risks - ref. European Directive 67/548/ECC.

  • WORKING PLATE: by Refractory fire bricks, joined mortar-free and mechanically secured against displacement,assuring a strong and reliable base even for heavy loads.
  • HEATING:  Infrared rays heating system from the top of the chamber and elements protected by quartz tubes and supported by special refractory rods.
  • COOLING: Upper airing valves.

In-frame ventilated panel, avoiding to affect the electrical instruments
with controller Bentrup TC405/30 or TC507
High performance controller specific for thermal glass processing, enabling full flexibility of the firing curve shape.
Up to 99 segments, 99 firing curves, manual process control feature, multiple events etc..
with SSR: silent and wearless Solid State Relay for an accurate and precise temperature control

Hydraulic automatic opening
2-zone Temperature Control (ceiling and floor)

  • Models:

    Temperatura Cod.
    camera cm
    L x P x H
    Kw Volt Kg
    900°c FV 180 180 x 90 x 38 15.0 400 450
    900°c FV 210 210 x 110 x 40 20.0 400 550
    900°c FV 210c 210 x 110 x 40 20.0 400 650
    900°c FV 220 220 x 120 x 40 26.0 400 750
    900°c FV 220c 220 x 120 x 40 26.0 400 800
    900°c FV 250c 250 x 120 x 40 30.0 400 850
    900°c FV 270c 270 x 120 x 40 36.0 400 900

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